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The Radnor Youth Lacrosse Program is designed to introduce boys to the game of lacrosse and to help each boy learn to play the game and develop lacrosse skills while playing with and against boys of the same ability.  Our priorities are to provide “playing time” for each boy, enjoyment of the game, and to teach fundamentals of the game and sportsmanship.  We try to meet our goals by starting boys in grades 1 through 4 in  house leagues  and fielding travel teams for boys in grades 5 though 8 in the Southeastern Pennsylvania Youth Lacrosse Association (SEPYLA).  Our house leagues are named the Hooper and Gill Leagues. Phil Hooper and Doug Gill were two dedicated coaches in this program who passed away due to cancer.  We named the house leagues after them to remind us of their sportsmanship and dedication to the sport.


First and  Second Graders –Hooper League

First and Second Graders will play in the Hooper League.  Body checks are not permitted.  Boys in this age group may wear hockey helmets rather than lacrosse helmets.   All other protective equipment is required. The games are played on a shortened field with 6 players and a goalie on the field at a time for each team.  The Hooper league teams practice on Friday evenings and play games on Sunday afternoons.  High school lacrosse players assist parent coaches.


Third and Fourth Graders - Gill League   

The boys in this league will be placed on teams of 10-15 boys which will practice on Friday evenings and play league games on Sunday afternoons and possibly on Saturdays when they will not be in conflict with Little League.   We also have a Fourth Grade travel team which will play approximately 8 games.  Some boys will play in most or all of the travel team games and other boys will be rotated onto this team.  High school lacrosse players assist parent coaches in the Gill league also.


Travel Programs for Grades 5 through 8

The travel teams will play in SEPYLA.  The “A” level is for 7th and 8th graders and the “B” level is for 5th and 6th graders.  The A1 and B1 teams play against the most competitive youth lacrosse teams in Pennsylvania and southern New Jersey; therefore, the boys trying out for these teams should be committed to playing lacrosse as their first Spring sport.  The A2, A3, B2, and B3 teams generally have a greater disparity of talent with first year players participating on these teams.  Boys who are unsure of their commitment to lacrosse or for whom lacrosse is a second sport should express a preference for these levels. 

The A level games are generally played on Saturdays and the B level games are generally played on Sunday afternoons.  However, it is possible that in view of the number of teams that we will field at the A level that we will need to schedule some A2 and A3 games on Sunday.  Some B games will be scheduled on Saturdays to accommodate our opponents.   The teams generally practice one evening per week though additional practices may be scheduled.  Though we attempt to avoid conflicts with baseball, boys trying out for travel teams are expected to make the coaches aware if baseball or another sport will be priorities because the league requires a minimum number of players for a game and coaches will have to plan accordingly.




After School Program for 7th and 8th Graders

Radnor Youth Lacrosse  sponsors a weekday after school program which will breakdown into two teams that will play other middle school teams.  This program is open to 7th and 8th graders who attend schools that do not have boys lacrosse programs. 


This program is open to Radnor residents in 1st  through 8th grades.  Residence and school enrollment are subject to verification upon request.


The Hooper and Gill Leagues are designed to minimize conflicts with baseball.  Due to our travel teams’ participation in a league, games are scheduled accordingly to the league as set forth above.  We try to avoid conflict with basketball early in the season, and with the RMS 8th grade play rehearsals.


Players must supply their own helmets, shoulder pads, arms pads, gloves and a stick.  Game jerseys, goaltender equipment and mouth guards are provided.  IN THE EVENT THAT THIS IS A HARDSHIP, PLEASE CONTACT PETER SAMSON AT 610 964-0672 or plsam25@gmail.com.


Weather and field conditions permitting, practice for 7th and 8th graders will start on February 21 and 22, 2015, and practice for 5th and 6th graders will start on February 28 and March 1, 2015.  Practices will be held on Saturdays and Sundays until the season begins on the weekend of March 28-29, 2015. The season will run until early to mid-June.  Tryouts for the 4th grade travel team will be held on the weekend of March 7-8, 2015 and the Hooper and Gill Leagues start on March 15, 2015 and the season will end in early June.



          We can always use more coaches with lacrosse experience, and we need help in running this Program.  Please volunteer if you can help with coaching or in performing administrative tasks.           


With the exception to those who need financial assistance, all registrations will be conducted via the internet. Those who participated in the program in 2014 will be prompted by email to register or may follow the instructions that will be posted on this web site.


The primary means of communication is through our web site: www.radnoryouthlacrosse.com.  The boys are expected to go online to learn or confirm the schedule for each week.